About Advanced Medical GI


Advanced Medical GI

Advanced Medical GI welcomes patients at their offices in Reston, Virginia, where each person receives comprehensive and compassionate care. Led by a team of board-certified gastroenterologists and specialized nurse practitioners, everyone in the office takes pride in offering the highest quality services for the full scope of gastrointestinal (GI) diseases.

Patients seek the exceptional care provided by Advanced Medical GI for upper and lower GI tract conditions. Lower GI problems frequently treated by the team include hemorrhoids, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, and irritable bowel syndrome. People often seek help for upper GI tract challenges ranging from GERD to Barrett’s esophagus and gastroparesis.

Gastroenterologists also specialize in treating the organs associated with the GI tract, which include the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and pancreas. The team delivers excellent care for serious health challenges such as hepatitis, liver disease, and cancer.

As experts in advanced GI procedures, the team offers an array of endoscopic procedures to diagnose and treat conditions in the upper and lower GI tracts. These procedures include EGD and ERCP for problems in the upper GI tract and colonoscopy for the rectum and colon.

Advanced Medical GI offers endoscopic ultrasound, a sophisticated imaging technique capable of producing details that can’t be obtained with other types of diagnostic imaging. Additionally, they give Botox® injections through an upper endoscopy procedure.

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